Beard Washing: Do’s and Don’ts to Wash Your Beard Properly!


A lot of men believe that beards are all about general growth, and they don’t need any beard wash and maintenance to remain healthy. Of course, that’s not true.

You need to take care of your beard, and you need to do it quite right. Following a wrong beard care routine or using the incorrect products for beards won’t serve the purpose of keeping the beard healthy, and in fact, it would sabotage your efforts.

Beard washing is as essential as washing your body and hair. So, you need to wash your beard and maintain it the right way. Many men tend to make mistakes when it’s about beard washing, so here we convey to you some beard washing do’s and don’ts you could surely bet on!

Beard Washing : Do's and Don't

  • Don’t Wash Your Beard with a Soap
  • Don’t Use a Hair Shampoo on Your Beard
  • Do’s Make Sure to Use a Beard Wash Shampoo
  • Do’s Set up a Beard Care Routine
  • Do’s Wash Your Beard Based on Your Skin Type

#1 Beard Washing : Don't Wash Your Beard with a Soap

Soaps are alkaline and contain other harsh chemicals, and so they won’t perk up your beard hair and skin. Soaps are great to clean up the dirt from your entire body. However, when applied to facial skin and hair, it can lead to dry and irritated skin and weak beard growth. As a matter of fact, like soaps using a body wash also is a big no-no. If you’ve no option other than applying soap on your beard, use a beard protein after the bath to ensure hydration and nourishment.

#2 Beard Washing : Don't Use a Hair Shampoo on Your Beard

Many men apply hair shampoo on their beards, which should not be the case. Your head hair is different from facial hair. Hair shampoos are made for aggressive scalp cleaning, and they strip off the natural oil from the hair to not let your hair appear oily and greasy. So, when you use hair shampoo on the beard, it strips away the natural oil from your face and can lead to dryness, irritation and itchiness.

#3 Beard Washing : Do Make Sure to Use a Beard Wash Shampoo

A beard wash is prepared by keeping your beard hair and skin in mind, so most suitable to use. Beard wash does not strip away the natural oil from your beard in excess, softens and moisturizes the beard and works fine to manage dense beard hair. Get yourself The Men’s Lab Beard Wash, enriched with coffee, aloe vera and tea tree oil, which not just moisturizes, softens and smoothens beard but improves hair quality and promote hair growth.

#4 Beard Washing : Do Set up a Beard Care Routine

Do you experience dryness and itchiness in your beard? Well, you need to take some minutes out of your hectic schedule every day and attend to your beard. Dryness and itchiness are a consequence of how you wash and moisturize your beard. So, the way you use a beard wash to deep cleanse your beard, you should use beard oil for moisturization and reduce skin irritation. Develop a habit of applying beard oil every day for a healthier beard.

#5 Beard Washing : Do Wash Your Beard Based on Your Skin Type

The answer to how many times you should wash your beard depends upon several factors like your skin type, beard length and your lifestyle. However, the most influential factor is the skin type. If you’ve got dry skin, you should use a beard wash once or twice a week. If you’re an oily skin man, consider washing your beard thrice a week. You must use lukewarm water for beard washing so that your hair cuticles do not get harmed because of too cold or hot water.

Follow such beard washing tips and ensure a beard that you’ll love. With The Men’s Lab Beard Wash, Beard Oil and Beard Protein, your beard care becomes natural, gentler and easier!

All products by The Men’s Lab are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, SLS & Paraben-free – most beneficial for your skin!  

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