5 Expert Hair Care Tips for Men

5 Simple and Healthy Hair Care Tips for Men

You’ve been taking the best care of your body by exercising and eating healthy, and you invest in buying stylish clothes too, but what about your hair? Do you follow a good men hair care routine? Like everything else, keeping your hair guarded is very imperative for both men and women equally.

If you’re a man who doesn’t think much about his hair – then give it a thought! Your grooming is half-done without caring for your scalp and hair. All the men out there -all you’ve to do is to follow simple bits of advice and take care of your mane without much fuss!

Get yourself involved in fulfilling some expert hair care tips for men to look smarter, confident and attractive!

5 Simple Hair Care Tips for Men:

  • Use a right Shampoo
  • Don’t Skip Conditioning Your Hair
  • Say No to Daily Hair Wash
  • Take it Easy on Your Hair
  • Use Gentle Styling Products

Hair Care Tip #1 - Use a Right Shampoo

Your hair deserves nothing but the best! Do your hair a favour by picking a shampoo that perfectly suits your hair type. Plus, the shampoo should not embrace a list of chemical ingredients; prefer the one that uses natural ingredients only.

You can use our Keratin Hair Shampoo for healthier, shinier and smoother locks – it’s super beneficial to revive dull, lifeless and damaged hair. We care for your hair, and so we don’t add any toxicity to our shampoo.

Hair Care Tip #2 - Don't Skip Conditioning Your Hair

No matter how good your shampoo is, it won’t seal the deal. Shampoo alone won’t assist you to control hair loss – however, a hair conditioner would surely do so! Your hair needs deep conditioning to safeguard against hair wreckage.

Hair Care Tip #2 - Don't Skip Conditioning Your Hair

Hair conditioner not just washes away hair oil and dirt like shampoo; it holds other benefits too. Our Keratin Hair Conditioner helps repair hair, hydrate them, control hair fall and make them shiny and smooth.

Hair Care Tip #3 - Say No to Daily Hair Wash

One of the most important men’s hair care tips is to skip washing their hair daily. So many men feel that daily hair wash would keep their hair healthy and dirt-free, but shampooing hair every day removes natural oil created by your scalp and makes hair dry, broken and weak.

Not washing your hair every day is essential advice for a men’s hair care routine. But that doesn’t mean you delay washing your hair for weeks; your hair will get super greasy plus unhealthy – so please wash it 2-3 times a week!

Hair Care Tip #4 - Take it Easy on Your Hair

Remember: you’ve to be gentle with your hair endlessly. Whenever you wash your hair, you find it hard to resist rubbing. However, you must know that rubbing firmly can create breakage and can also weaken your hair strands. Moreover, avoid hot showers, as very hot water strips off the natural oils from your hair, making them look dull and frizzy.

Don’t go for cold showers too. Coldwater will squeeze your capillaries, which will lessen the blood flow, resulting in a lack of nutrients reaching the hair. The best is to go for warm water showers.

Hair Care Tip #5 - Use Gentle Styling Products

Extended to the preceding tip, you’ve to be gentle with your hair when brushing and styling as well. If your hair gets pulled when brushing, it will hurt the scalp and lead to thinning of hair. So, be gentle and softer when brushing. Lastly, pick styling products that are healthy and natural.

Make sure you don’t use too many styling products because the ingredients can be harsh on your hair and lead to damage. Such harmful elements sneak into your hair follicles and affect your hair growth negatively. We highly recommend you to use our Keratin Hair Wax for styling; it’s completely harmless and good for your hair!

So, there you’ve it!

Except for these hair care tips, you should go to barber’s for regular trims, use a hat to cover your hair in heat, have a balanced diet, take less stress and avoid chlorine.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to care for your beard hair – you may like checking out our ultimate beard care range as well!

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