Simple Grooming Tips for Men – Your Gateway to Healthy Living!


Health and hygiene are imperative to stay safe from diseases, lead a healthy life, elevate self-confidence and appearance. Not so healthy hygiene habits invite mild to severe body ailments and sometimes moments of embarrassment. So, adapting to a good personal hygiene routine is inevitable. 

For men already obeying good personal hygiene standards, here are some simple grooming tips for men – add the missing ones and reconfirm the ones you follow and for those who don’t follow any, start today itself!

10 Best Grooming Tips for Men that You Should Follow:

  • Clip Your Nails
  • Frequent Trip to Barber’s
  • Take Care of Your Mouth
  • Cleanse & Moisturize Your Face
  • Wear a Sunscreen
  • Shampoo Less & Condition More
  • Take a Lukewarm Water Shower
  • Trim Your Beard
  • Clean Your Intimate Area
  • Wear a Good Scent

Grooming Tip #1 : Clip Your Nails

Not just your fingernails, but clip your toenails too. For maintaining a clean look, well-groomed nails are essential. You can clip your nails at home using a nail clipper or get a manicure-pedicure if feasible. Depending on your nail growth, cut your nails once or twice a week. Do not cut the nails straight across and file your nails post cutting.

Grooming Tip #2 : Frequent Trip to Barber's

If you feel your haircut does not suit your grooming needs, a professional should be your best bet. Besides that, you must take trips to a barber’s shop once a month or so to give your hair regular trim. Your barber will be able to do a haircut that suits you the best and enhance your personality. So, this personal grooming tip is a must for a well-groomed man. 

Grooming Tip #3 : Take Care of Your Mouth

Oral hygiene is vital because if you don’t keep your mouth clean, the bacteria build-up can lead to tooth decay, gum issues and plaque. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss to remove plaque and keep bad breath away. Besides that, make sure you visit your dentist regularly to ensure cleanliness and prevent any mouth-related concerns.

Grooming Tip #4 : Cleanse & Moisturize Your Face

The simplest yet significant men’s grooming tips for the face is cleansing and moisturizing the face twice a day. The way you take care of your face can make or break your appearance. Use The Men’s Lab Volcanic Face Wash and Face Cream to prevent acne, remove excess oil, reduce dark spots, remove dirt, hydrate and nourish the skin.

Grooming Tip #5 : Wear a Sunscreen

For you to stay young and youthful, wearing sunscreen every day is just a non-negotiable grooming tip you should follow. When you wear sunscreen, you protect your skin from UV rays and sun damages like skin discolouration, burns, spots and prevent skin cancer. You must use sunscreen above 30 SPF whether you step outside regularly or not.

Grooming Tip #6 : Shampoo Less & Condition More

Washing hair with a shampoo every day would strip off the natural oils and lead to a dry scalp. So, instead, develop a habit of shampooing twice or thrice a week while conditioning every day since it provides optimum hydration to your hair. But, make sure you use hair shampoo and conditioner best suited to your hair type, or your efforts will be futile.

Grooming Tip #7 : Take a Lukewarm Water Shower

Don’t take showers with cold water, especially when you’re washing your hair; be sure you shower using lukewarm water only. The water should not be too cold or too hot. Besides that, use an all-natural body soap so that your skin does not get irritated, dry or red because of synthetic soaps.

Grooming Tip #8 : Trim Your Beard

An unkempt beard would not enhance your hygiene levels and make your beard feel itchy. So, the best is to give your beard regular trim and keep it clean and healthy. Use a beard wash for ensuring a soft, smooth and good-smelling beard that does not itches or feels dry and irritated. Also, add extra softness, hydration and nourishment to your beard by using beard oil

Grooming Tip #9 : Clean Your Intimate Area

Similar to every other part of your body, your intimate area also needs to be cleaned. Give your pubic hair timely trimming and regular washing. However, make sure you don’t wash your intimate region with soap or water since it’s harsh for your delicate skin. Use The Men’s Lab Intimate Wash for Men that maintains the skin pH, keep the area clean, dry, and free from odour, itching & infection. 

Grooming Tip #10 : Wear a Good Scent

Lastly, get yourself a signature scent that keeps you fresh and fragrant all day long. You have to make sure that your skin is clean and dry when applying the fragrance to your clothes so that the smell blends with your natural oils and not with sweat, dirt or water. Also, get yourself a good unscented deodorant that does not clash with your perfume’s smell.

Try to embrace these grooming tips for men in your everyday life and become all the more charming men than you presently are. 

When you smell and look good, you naturally feel good – and feeling good becomes easier than ever with The Men’s Lab grooming products! 

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