Hair Serum for Men: How to Use and Why You Should Use it?


You’d have heard of so many hair styling products for men. Though, the one that managed to took all the spotlight is a hair serum. 

We have heard a lot about how hair serums are best to control frizziness and can make your hair straighter – but if you’re still not sure about how hair serum works, whether you should get one or how to use it, then here’s a post you need to read. 

What is a Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a styling product that penetrates profoundly into your hair and layers the hair surface. Generally, hair serums are prepared using a powerful ingredient like silicone. Depending on the product formulation, general hair serums benefits are that they make hair shiny, control frizziness, straighten the hair, style your hair and protect against hair damaging radicals like UV rays & pollution. 

Hair serums are also great when you want to boost hair volume. However, you need to know that there are different hair serums for different hair types. Men with longer hair can also use a hair serum since it reduces tangle, makes hair softer and easier to manage. You can consider hair serum as a leave-in conditioner as it can work as a replacement for your hair conditioner. 

How to Use a Hair Serum for Men?

  • The best way to use a hair serum is by applying it to just washed, clean and dampened hair. 
  • Pour 2 drops of hair serum on the palm of your hand. 
  • Now, let the hair serum stay on your palms for some seconds so that it glides smoothly and spreads. 
  • Apply the hair serum from the ends of your hair strand and then work up to the middle. Do not apply hair serum on your scalp, or it will make your hair look oily and greasy. 
  • Don’t be too rigorous when applying serum on your hair, or it will lead to hair breakage and damage. 
  • Once done, take a comb and spread the hair serum from the middle to the end of your hair strands. 

You should go for a lighter formulation hair serum if you’ve got thin hair and for a highly moisturizing formulation if you’ve got dry hair. 

Now that you’re aware of what is hair serum and how to use it, here’s why you should. 

Benefits of Using Hair Serum for Men:

  • Goodbye Hair Tangles
  • Protects Hair Against Damage
  • Promotes Hair Smoothness and Shine
  • Hair Nourishing
  • Controls Frizz

We’ve mentioned some advantages of hair serum back in the post, so here’s a little brief on them.

Goodbye Hair Tangles

The presence of silicone in men’s hair serum helps reduce hair tangles. Hair serum makes your hair smooth and sleek, and you don’t get knots and tangles in smooth hair. Also, detangled hair makes combing hair easier, manageable and styling better. So, with hair serum, detangling your hair becomes hassle-free. 

Protects Hair Against Damage

Men who spend most of their time outdoor have hair more prone to damage. When you apply hair serum, it forms a protective layer over your hair and guards against potential hair damage that can occur due to colouring, UV rays, straightening, repetitive hair styling, heat styling or blow-drying. 

Promotes Hair Smoothness and Shine

Since hair serums make hair anti-frizz, it results in enhanced hair smoothness, and when your hair is smooth, it tends to look a lot shinier than usual. This is because of the silicone coating that makes your tresses appear more polished, sleek and helps reflect light, thus boosting hair shine. 

Hair Nourishing

Many people think hair serum gives the same effect as hair oil, but that’s not true. One of the main hair serum benefits is that it does not present your hair with an oily look like hair oil does, rather, it provides nourishment, shine and protection to the hair. Hair serums are best to retain moisture in the hair.

Controls Frizz

One of the popular hair serum benefits is that it controls frizziness. If you’ve got damaged, dull and weak hair, then chances are they might look dry and frizzy. Again, it’s the silicone that helps control the frizziness problem. Silicone gives weight to weaker hair strands, control statics and reduces frizz.

If you’ve got dry, rough and rebellious hair, use Keratin Hair Serum by The Men’s Lab. It makes your hair healthy, hydrated, tangle-free, straight, smooth, voluminous, shiny and safeguarded against harmful radicals. 

Hair serums are exceptional for your hair if you use the right one based on your hair type. 

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