An Ultimate Guide to Hair Washing and Conditioning for Men


Let’s be honest: sparing some time and energy on how to shampoo your hair rightly is something that men cannot manage. Most men do not prefer giving much consideration to washing and conditioning their hair thoroughly – well, not doing so can lead to less hair protection and more hair damage. So, for making sure your hair stays on your head for longer and continue to shine, here’s a guide to wash your hair in the right way.

How to Shampoo Your Hair Properly?

  • Drench Your Hair
  • Apply Shampoo to Your Hair
  • Let the Shampoo Stay on Your Head
  • Rinse it Off Nicely
  • Condition Your Hair

#1 - Drench Your Hair

First things first, rinse your head entirely as a first step to wash your hair correctly. Make sure that the entire scalp is soaked in water before you apply shampoo to the hair. Think of it as your body – you do not use a bar of soap on the dry body, right? So, don’t do that with your hair too. Also, drench your hair with lukewarm water and avoid using either too cold or hot water.

#2 - Apply Shampoo to Your Hair

Now, as you’d have soaked your hair with lukewarm water, it will help release excess oil and open the pores, so the shampoo penetrates deeply. Take a small amount of shampoo on your hands, apply it and create lather by massaging your head with fingers to increase blood circulation and reach the scalp closer. Continue it for a couple of minutes, and make sure you don’t use nails instead of fingers as it can cause hair loss.

#3 - Let the Shampoo Stay on Your Head

Once you have applied the shampoo and massaged the scalp, let it stay on your head for a minute. Give some time to shampoo to benefit your hair and improve blood circulation. Shampooing correctly and letting it be for a minute will exfoliate the scalp, clean and open the pores and encourage the production of healthier hair follicles, thus leading to healthy hair. So, do not hurry to rinse off your hair.

#4 - Rinse it Off Nicely

One of the essential parts of the guide on how to shampoo is rinsing off the hair completely. Many men fail to wash off the shampoo from their hair properly, which can cause problems in future. All the build-up that got accumulated results in scalp irritation, itchiness, flakiness and dandruff. Many times, men fail to remove shampoo behind the ears as well. So, make sure you rinse off your hair very nicely.

#5 - Condition Your Hair

Just the way you applied shampoo and followed the process, do it with a conditioner as well. Once you’ve applied conditioner for men to hair, let it stay for 1-1.5 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly. Moreover, use a soft towel and pat your hair dry. Do not rub your hair too roughly because your hair is weaker when wet. Using a soft towel on hair will prevent them from being brittle.

Choose Right Hair Shampoo and Conditioner for Men

Men do not think much before buying a hair shampoo or conditioner. However, you must shop for men’s hair shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type. If you’ve got a dry scalp, pick a shampoo accordingly. Similarly, go for an oily shampoo if you’ve got an oily scalp. If you’ve got thin, dry, dull and damaged hair, you can use Keratin Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, which works best to cleanse the scalp, restore pH balance, strengthen and smoothen hair.

Your hair stays healthy and shiny only when you use products that befit them the best. Check out The Men’s Lab range of men’s grooming products today.

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