6 Intimate Hygiene Tips that All Men Must Know!


For men, intimate hygiene tends to be less of a worry. However, maintaining a proper intimate hygiene routine is essential for men’s overall body health. Your intimate areas require extra care and attention, so you must follow good personal hygiene practices. 

So, next time you take a shower, do not simply wash your intimate area with water and call it a day. Follow some men’s intimate hygiene tips by spending a few minutes and stay healthy underneath. Before moving ahead to intimate hygiene tips for men, look at why maintaining intimate hygiene is imperative.

Why Should Men Maintain Intimate Hygiene?

Maintaining intimate hygiene entails good fitness and sexual wellness but it does not get restrained to these. Intimate hygiene is essential to maintain personal hygiene and overall body health also. Besides that, your private area has more sensitive skin than any other body part, so maintaining a separate and accurate intimate hygiene routine is needed. 

Furthermore, there are more sweat glands present in your intimate area, and so it’s more vulnerable to sweating than any other body part of yours. Poor intimate hygiene can lead to infection, irritation, sweating, rashes, pimples, unpleasant odour etc. So, to ensure intimate skin stays safe from any problems, keeping a good routine is a must.

Best Intimate Hygiene Tips for Guys:

  • Groom Routinely
  • Apply a Moisturizer
  • Go for a Gentle Intimate Wash
  • Wear Clean Underwear
  • Wash-up
  • Eat Well

Intimate Hygiene Tip #1: Groom Routinely

Based on hair growth, you need to groom your pubic hair regularly. This one’s an essential intimate care tip you should adopt. Consider going for timely trimming to reduce excessive sweating and bacteria build-up. When you’re planning to trim pubic hair, start by taking a warm shower to open pores and do not use a razor since it leads to itching and irritation. Once done with grooming, shower again.

Intimate Hygiene Tip #2: Apply a Moisturizer

Like our other body parts, it’s necessary to moisturize your intimate region. If you’ve planned to shave your pubic hair, then it’s crucial to moisturize afterwards. Since shaving leads to dry, irritated and bumpy skin, a good quality moisturiser will work to soothe your skin and prevent such aftereffects of shaving. Thus, moisturization is required to protect your skin.

Intimate Hygiene Tip #3: Go for a Gentle Intimate Wash

One of the highly essential and non-negotiable intimate hygiene tips is using an intimate wash for men. Using soap on your intimate region can be harmful to the skin and disturb the pH balance. Invest in The Men’s Lab Intimate Wash that maintains skin pH, removes odour, irritation, itching and prevents infection. The Men’s Lab range of intimate wash includes – Natural Intimate Wash, Aloe Vera Intimate Wash, Berry Intimate Wash and Chocolate Intimate Wash

Intimate Hygiene Tip #4: Wear Clean Underwear

The most basic and important intimate care tip is to wear neat and clean underwear. Wearing dirty underwear can lead to sweat, bacteria build-up, irritation and other skin issues. So, you must wear washed underwear every day. Also, consider wearing cotton underwear or lightweight fabric underwear to ensure freshness and reduce sweat in the area while making sure to stay away from synthetic material underwear.

Intimate Hygiene Tip #5: Wash-up

No matter what, washing up your area as and when needed is an inescapable intimate hygiene tip you have to follow. Just like cleaning your intimate area before physical intimacy is a must, you need to clean it after that as well, so you can avoid any discomfort or infection. Also, ensure washing up your intimate region after using the restroom since not doing so could lead to reactions or germ build-ups.

Intimate Hygiene Tip #6: Eat Well

Yes, eating healthy can help you maintain your intimate area nicely. By taking a healthy diet, you can reduce the amount of bad odour and sweat below there. You should start eating green leaves, lemon, oranges, spinach etc., and drink water & green tea to reduce sweat and improve the odour around your intimate area. Eating well is the simplest hygiene tip you can follow.

Keep up with these intimate hygiene tips regularly. Following these tips won’t take much of your time and would encourage healthy living. With natural, paraben & SLS free intimate washes by The Men’s Lab, your intimate hygiene becomes simple, fruitful and safe!

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