Long Hair Care for Men: How to Keep Your Long Hair Healthy?


Long and shiny hair is no more a women’s charm. Nowadays, long hair for men has too become a popular and attractive thing. Long hair looks great on men, but taking care of them can be a little tricky. 

Whether you are already a man with long hair or you’re planning to grow long hair, maintaining them is of paramount importance. Once the hair gets damaged, it is hard to get its initial state back. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

If you’re wondering how to take long hair care for men properly, here are 5 tips you must follow to get long and healthy hair! 

Long Hair Care for Men: Tips

  • Wash Your Hair Frequently
  • Nourish Your Hair
  • Brush Your Hair Every Day
  • Towel Dry Carefully
  • Get a Good Trim

Long Hair Care Tip #1 - Wash Your Hair Frequently

Long hair requires more care because every hair strand needs to remain clean and healthy. So, no matter what, make sure you wash your hair 2-3 times a week and condition them regularly. Though you might find numerous shampoo and conditioners in the market, pick the one best suited to your hair type. Try our Keratin Hair Shampoo & Conditioner, which controls hair fall, promote hair growth, lessen frizz, maintains pH and cleanses thoroughly.

Long Hair Care Tip #2 - Nourish Your Hair

Along with following a hair care routine, give your head an oil massage once in a while. Gently rub hot oil in your scalp, as oiling stimulates hair growth, conditions and nourishes your hair. You can use olive oil or coconut oil, but make sure to heat it before using it. Gently massage scalp with oil for 10 minutes, let it stay for some time and then rinse it off with warm water. Oiling your hair is the essential and natural way to ensure good long hair maintenance. 

Long Hair Care Tip #3 - Brush Your Hair Every Day

One of the essential tips for long hair care for men is brushing their mane every day. Men with long hair generally put their hair in an updo, but before doing so, make sure you use a good hairbrush to comb each hair strand. However, do not forget to apply The Men’s Lab Hair Serum before brushing the hair, as hair serum will lessen the frizz and reduce knots and tangles in the hair. So, brushing hair becomes more manageable, and you get smoother hair.

Long Hair Care Tip #4 - Towel Dry Carefully

Rubbing your head vigorously with a regular towel can lead to hair breakage. For men with long hair, you should use a soft towel to dry your hair and make sure to pat the towel on your head rather than rubbing it. Besides that, roughly drying your hair can damage hair cuticles and lead to frizziness and split ends. The best way to dry the hair is by gently moving fingers in the hair and letting them dry naturally.

Long Hair Care Tip #5 - Get a Good Trim

You like keeping long hair, but it must look healthy, and for that, you need to trim your hair on a regular basis. Not giving a trim to your hair often leads to damaged ends and more hair fall. Ideally, give your hair a good trimming every 3 months so split ends & damaged hair gets shed and does not spread upwards. For your hair to look healthy and great, trimming is a must-must.

So, manage your long hair with these essential tips for long hair care for men. Besides this, develop a habit of taking a healthy diet and exercising regularly for keeping the overall body healthy. 

Apart from the hair care products for men, you can check out The Men’s Lab grooming products for overall body hygiene. All the products are 100% safe, natural, Paraben-free and SLS free.

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