Ways to Prevent and Treat Chafing in Men


Chafing is uncomfortable, and it’s a known fact. No man out there would have been lucky enough not to have experience chafing in their lifetime. Plus, if you’re a man who is much involved in sports or physical activity, then you must have to deal with chafing pretty often. However, the great news is – there are many ways to prevent and treat private area & inner thigh chafing in males and chafing everywhere else.

What is Chafing?

Simply put, when skin rubs with each other, just like constant sweat and friction between your thighs and private region, chafing occurs. Mild chafing cases make skin uncomfortable, leading to redness, dryness or irritated skin, and in some extreme cases, it can cause infections, sores or welt. Many men get chafing because of skin sensitivity, while many get it due to hairiness.

So, if you’re wondering how to prevent chafing, then you need to reduce friction and moisture by keeping your private areas fresh, dry and clean. Soothing a chafed skin can be a daunting task because of your day to day activity, weather conditions and the kind of clothes you’re wearing, but we could help you with some tips on preventing chafing.

How to Prevent Thigh Chafing?

  • Wear Breathable Underwear
  • Rub Some Anti-Chafing Cream to the Area
  • Trim Your Body Hair

Wear Breathable Underwear

If you’re wearing cotton underwear regularly and are more prone to chafing – let me tell you, cotton won’t be of much help. Cotton is breathable, but it does not dry fast, leaving underwear and your parts damp all day. So, the best is to use moisture-wicking underwear, as it draws skin moisture and keeps you fresh and dry for the entire day. You need to make sure your underwear fits well, as loose underwear can cause irritated skin, especially during physical activity.

Rub Some Anti-Chafing Cream to the Area

If you know that you will be wearing clothes or getting involved in physical activities that can lead to chafing, then rub some anti-chafing cream on your thighs in advance. An anti-chafing cream will help your skin slide past each other smoothly without causing irritation or discomfort. Rubbing anti-chafing cream helps keep the skin away from infection and stay clean. You can try our Anti-Chafing Cream for Men that soothe & prevents irritated skin, moisturises skin, and includes anti-septic properties which protect from infection and dryness.


Trim Your Body Hair

Body hair can also lead to chafed skin. Many times, other than chafed skin, you can also get skin problems like folliculitis. Trimming your body hair time and again makes sense to avoid chafing or any skin-related problem. However, you need to make sure that you do not shave your hair entirely – because bare skin gets rubbed against each other and can chafe easily. In case you’re already suffering from skin inflammation, then wait for some days before trimming hair.

How to Treat Chafing?

You can get free from the distress of irritation, redness and burning caused due to chafing. Some quick tips on how to treat chafing:

  • If you’ve noticed chafing, skip working out or any physical activity for some days now.
  • Keep cleaning and drying your private area regularly with a natural intimate wash for men.
  • Aloe vera gel works best to soothe skin, so apply a thin layer of gel on the chafed area.
  • Opting for an anti-chafing cream to reduce inflammation and irritation can also be the most reliable way to treat chafing.

Following these tips regularly will help you prevent and treat chafing in men.

Stay comfortable!

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