Latest Beard Trends for 2021 and Ahead!

Like fine suits, beards never go out of style. Beards have become a fashion statement now, and they indeed add an element to your appearance. Beards can entirely transform your face shape and sway your personality. So, it’s time to ditch your previous style and move on to the latest beard trends. The Men’s Lab brings some of the trending beard styles for you to roll in 2021 and ahead!

5 Best Beard Trend for 2021:

  • Stubble
  • The Goatee
  • Beardstache
  • Van-Dyke
  • Garibaldi
Stubble Mens Lab

Beard Trend #1 - Stubble

Stubble has to be the go-to beard for any face shape. Getting this effortless look isn’t a tricky job; stubbles are fast & simple to grow. With this trending beard style, you present a look that’s casual yet classy, adding a subtle appeal to your profile. Trim your beard regularly so that the stubble stays right. Also, gently massage your beard with The Men’s Lab Beard Oil to give it a natural glow & you the natural confidence!

The goatee Mens

Beard Trend #2 - The Goatee

Going extravagant with your beard isn’t your thing, and you only fancy a neat & clean appearance, then the Goatee style is perfect for you. Goatee, aka Circle Beard, is the striking duo of moustache and round beard. Getting an ideal circular goatee can be a little tricky, so it’s good to get it done in a salon. Ones who favour tidy looks with an added ardour should not give this ‘classic’ style a miss!

Beard Trend #3 - Beardstache

A badass combo of a long and bushy moustache with the classic stubble – Beardstache. It is one hot and trending beard style that many men adorn! We love Beardstache and believe that it’s one uber-cool and rebel looks to pull in the time being. Beardstache makes your jawline look extra clear-cut. Apply our muskmelon & shea made Beard Protein every day to wane frizzes and get a softer and shinier beard without any fuss!

Lab Van-Dyke ​

Beard Trend #4 - Van-Dyke

Make a classy style statement with this smart and chic Van-Dyke beard. Van-Dyke, a beard style that’s easy to grow and is a mix up of moustache and goatee. You get this dapper look by saving the facial hair on the chin and moustache and shaving the rest. Get this exquisite and distinctive look by keeping the moustache and chin beard a little sharp. Van-Dyke beards are worn by men who have had all walks of life!

Beard Trend #5 - Garibaldi

We feel that Garibaldi beard gives absolute badass & bossy vibes, and that’s why it’s on the record of trending beard styles. Garibaldi is a full beard curved at the base providing your face with a complete furry look. The bottom of the beard is trimmed well, while other bearded areas are kept unkempt. Follow a daily beard care practice with The Men’s Lab aloe vera and coffee Beard Wash and our one-of-a-kind argon and jojoba based Beard Oil for the bushier and frizz-free beard!

You can explore a lot of the latest beard trends except for these. However, you’ve to get your beard look keeping in mind the shape of your face. We truly believe that ‘You don’t choose a beard, beard chooses you’.

The ‘Beard Fad’ is here to stay forever, and so are we. Get your trendy beard look with The Men’s Lab beard Combo!

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